Be SMART When Setting Goals


Many companies fall short of achieving their goals and targets. Use a SMART approach. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound. Whether you’re setting objectives professionally for a business or privately for personal development, setting SMART is a well-recognised strategy that you have probably heard of before.


Specific – Identify the core aspects of a goal, put a figure on it, or what specifically is the goal designed to achieve?

Measurable – How are you going to measure progress towards this goal? Monitoring progress has the advantages of being able to see clearly how far away you are from reaching a goal, so that you can keep moving forward to it, rather than losing it on the horizon and deciding to abandon the goal altogether.

Achievable – Is this goal an achievable one? Are there enough present indicators that tell you that achieving this is a realistic outcome rather than just an idealistic fantasy.

Relevant – Is this goal relevant to your business strategy? Or is it an unnecessary goal that isn’t going to work within the companies’ strategy moving forward. A combination of a SWOT analysis and setting SMART goals is a great way to approach defined targets within the strategic framework set by a SWOT analysis.

Time-Bound – How long should this goal be given to be accomplished, and is it appropriate within that time -frame or just simply unrealistic? Does this goal fall within a larger time-bound strategy that is implemented to accelerate business growth and profitability?

SMART Goals offer an easy way of breaking down targets into tangible steps, and because they’re measurable you’ll be able to see the progress a long the way which is nothing but encouraging.

Whether it’s trying to reach 20,000 new unique visitors to your site, increase your market share, or introducing a new line of sustainable products, breaking down a goal into a SMART approach can help you stay focused and complete your enterprises’ objective.


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