Bringing Ecological Modernisation to Attention – Sustainable Buildings


Ecological modernisation, a term introduced by sociologists Joseph Huber and Martin Jänicke, puts stress on the importance of environmental policy. It argues that alongside the ambitions for individuals to act sustainably, comes the opportunities to stimulate both the economy and technological innovation
How does this relate to the development of sustainable buildings? Dr. Márton Herczeg and others conclude that ‘the promotion of sustainable buildings has not benefited from such prolonged policy action (across Europe).’ With an increasing population, where individuals need homes for themselves and their families. Offices where they can earn money to take care of these homes. Parking spaces for individuals to leave their modes of transport so that they can arrive at work in order to keep this cycle going. It’s evident the world needs a solution to sustainable buildings.

Although this is just one of the environmental issues we currently face as a society, it’s clear to see how much SME’s can help towards the ‘Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure’ Global Goal. An example is seen with One Planet Products, who back in 2008, saw that the need to adopt sustainable construction methods/ products was ‘too time consuming, complicated and expensive.’ But by being persistent and shifting the focus of the programme being undertaken, they focused on creating solutions: making sustainable products and providing knowledge around methods available at a competitive price.

SME’s have enormous opportunities to not only improve the world by developing sustainable practices. But by creating efficiencies in the use of green methods/ products, there’s a huge possibility to be saving money, and of course, earning money through the creation of brand equity and competitive value.

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