Sustainability: An Endless Opportunity For Small & Medium Enterprises


Sustainability –  “A term we use to describe programmes, products and practices developed around enviornmental and social considerations” – Sheila Bonini, and Steven Swartz

Businesses everywhere are realising the potential of integrating sustainable approaches into their current business model. Leading market research brings to light the numerous benefits of sustainable strategies. Neilson’s Sustainability report in 2015, found that up to “66% of global responders were willing to pay more for sustainable brands, outperforming those brands that made no commitment to sustainability.”

Brand trust was identified in the report as the leading factor that influenced purchasing according to 62% of those surveyed. A sustainable brand is a better brand, and globally those brands that have made active commitments to sustainability have seen sales grow roughly by 4%, whereas those brands that didn’t make any such commitment grew by less than 1%.

Now more than ever, the opportunity for businesses to lead the way in our societies is through active commitments and strategies to sustainability. Providing sustainable leadership and empowering customers to make affordable life-style choices are essential for any company that wishes to see itself as a leader in society. Finding approaches to change a business model into a model that is conscious of social environmental needs has never been easier in an interconnected world where the best ideas are plentiful and easy to share.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or the Global Goals offer businesses the chance to demonstrate their commitments to serving their customers through small adaptations and strategies. In a nutshell, the Global Goals are 17 goals that pave the way for a sustainable and prosperous future, joining the Global Goals Agenda has the benefits of adding value to society,  the environment, and a business’s brand image.





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