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Our Research

Temple Knowledge Research is focused on developing understanding towards a vision of respected and protected rights under in international human rights law, humanitarian law, and refugee law. A vision which also provides for the empowerment and security of humanity, including the security of our environment and climate. Our research is therefore primarily focused on the above areas with our developing specialties focused within the context of certain countries and regions, primarily Myanmar.

For a lot of our research, we are reliant on qualitative data from interviews and focus groups, we believe that our research would be a lot less valuable without these inputs from the on-the-ground stakeholders, and therefore we provide monetary compensation to our participants when this is possible, and safe to do so. These costs are calculated within our agreed contracts. It is our commitment to try and ensure our research is both fair and accessible.

Our Researchers

Khin Htet Wai – Myanmar, Policy, Enviornmental Governance, Development, Climate Change, Environmental Justice and Security

Khin Htet Wai is a social and environmental policy analyst with extensive experience in legal analysis and policy research focused on natural resources governance, climate change and conflict,
environmental justice, environmental security, and social sustainability. She played program management roles with CSOs, NGOs, and INGOs whilst working with policy practitioners, land
and environmental defenders, and community-based paralegals through policy advocacy engagement with land governance institutions and ministries in the environmental governance sector in Myanmar. She advocated for small-hold farmers to secure land tenure and worked for rural farming communities and indigenous people in addressing environmental injustices in land confiscation
relating to resource investment and agribusiness development projects. She researched the gender mainstreaming of conflict sensitivity in land governance and co-authored the policy brief and other issues related to land tenure, politics of resources rights, and social safeguards which findings contributed to “National Land use Policy’’ and used for advanced land used policy change proposals and responded to the amendments of drafted national land and environmental-related laws in Myanmar. Her prior experiences bring her as a facilitator for social development programs focused on youth empowerment in environmental education, and capacity-building programs. She also works as a consultant and advises local civil society organizations in terms of project implementation, management, monitoring, reporting and evaluation and organizational development. She holds a master’s degree in Environment, Development and Policy from the University of Sussex.

Khin San – Myanmar, International Human Rights Law, Youth Peace and Security Women Peace and Security

Khin Thet San worked for 7 years in development, conflict management, peace building, and community security and security sector reforms with the International Rescue Committee(IRC) , Search for Common Ground (SFCG), Saferworld and other civil society organizations in Myanmar. She participated in different researches in the area of women, peace and security, and justice and domestic child labours. She worked also as a consultant/ trainers to provide social cohesion and good governance in different Ministries in Myanmar before 2019.

In 2019, she came to the UK to do a Masters degree in Human Rights at the University of Essex. She followed this by becoming a research associate in a Myanmar project in the Human Rights Centre at University of York and a scholar at the Open Society

She is currently based in London as a research fellow at SOAS. She provides regular online training in human rights and peacebuilding to groups in Myanmar under the
auspices of the CDM’s School of Federalism and Peace Studies, called Spring University.

James Jasper Field – Myanmar, The United Nations, Youth Peace and Security, International Human Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law.

James Jasper Field has been studying conflict and development in Myanmar for the last five years. His research areas include international human rights law, mainly economic, social and cultural rights, international humanitarian law and the United Nations. Most of these areas have been studied within the country-level context of Myanmar.

James has a BA in Global Studies from the University of Essex, and is in the process for receiving his reward for an LLM in International Humanitarian Law from Essex too.

James also experience developing projects, having created a start-up company while at university, which focused on sustainability and pursuing the global goals through SMEs. He has also done more work relating to the SDGs through his capacity as a Global Action Ambassador with YouthNow, a partner of UNHABITAT.

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